Chakra Wellbeing

Chakra Wellbeing

Balance the mind, body and spirit to achieve greater wellbeing

The Chakra Wellbeing application presents the 7 major chakras: Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Brow and Crown.

Also included are 3 of the extra chakras: Earth Star, Soul Star and Divine Star.

Each Chakra is represented by a beautiful image from nature and includes an affirmation, its location and a healing sound.

There are suggestions for helpful flower essences, an aurasoma and a homeopathic remedy for each of the chakras.

The aim is to bring each chakra into balance and for each chakra to be in harmony with one another.

It is ideal for meditation, relaxation, visualisation of wellbeing, aura healing, yoga practise and simple de-stressing.

Incorporating this Holistic approach to your energetic bodies allows your body to heal from within.

It has been developed in consultation with Holistic Kinesiologist Xanthe Pearson and Sound Therapist Jaye Roberts.


Main Screen Crown Chakra List of Leaders


See the application in action on YouTube