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Leaders Of The World

The World Leaders application provides a handy reference to past and present leaders of the world.
Information is sourced from Wikipedia and presented in a familiar “Contacts” style.

Who was in charge the year you were born?

Browse by country or use the powerful search to find a name or year in office.
Your preferred country is presented first, with remaining countries listed in alphabetical order.

Need more information?

Use the built in browser to view Wikipedia (without leaving the application) or launch a Google search in Safari.

Covers the following leaders:
– Australia : Prime Ministers
– Brazil : Presidents
– Canada : Prime Ministers
– China : Presidents
– France : Presidents
– Germany : Chancellors
– Italy : Prime Ministers
– Japan : Prime Ministers
– Mexico : Presidents
– New Zealand : Prime Ministers
– Russia : Presidents
– Taiwan : Presidents
– United Kingdom : Prime Ministers
– United States : Presidents


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Search Screen Wikipedia


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